Wednesday, June 25, 2008

9 Years Together!

Can't believe it!...Not that it's been 9 Years but.....we were Young , Tan , Skinny(me) and Derek had Hair! This is what 9 years does I can't wait to see what 20 years looks like!

Derek's Birthday!

Sunday At Grandma Barney's

Well, This Sunday was Interesting.....Definitely full of Drama! We all had a nice time visiting at Gma's house!

We usually leave around the time when one of the Great Grand kids hurts another or gets injured playing. This time Gma Barney showed up the Grand kids by Fainting on her 2 pregnant Granddaughters(Nicole and I),Then sweating, throwing up non stop, turning bright red and she followed it by a 2 night stay in the Hospital! I have to say she knows how to go out with a bang!

So Far : Gma B 100 points/ Great Grand kids 10 points
Game Over!! Grandma Wins!

Summer Birthday Parties

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Belen The Graduate

We can't believe it has been 3 yrs since Belen started at Clayton valley Presbyterian children's center! She has had such a wonderful experience attending school! We love all the teachers and will miss them. She is off to Kindergarten at the end of august!

Pre-School Graduation

Sea World