Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Long to Blogging for now....Maybe I'll Be back later

Easter Break....My cousins with Belen
Us with the Birthday Girl....Grandma Donna

Ladies chatting it up

Belen at the Monterey Aquarium....see loves the penguins!

At the Beach in Monterey

Brock enjoying the park

Playing with my camera....Ur kiddos get tired and annoyed

Belen received an award at school today!!

Derek and Brock at the cold Beach

I love to Blog but lately it has been hard to find the time, as you can tell my life is crazy busy!
Brock is keeping me on his tail all day long! We went to his Doctor's appointment last week....The Doctor was laughing at how funny and entertaining he was. He is growing every day and learning new tricks all the time. He apparently has no depth perception or fear....Just like his dad!! He has hopped on his dad's old skate board and starting working it back and forth. We love every minute of it!!! I hope to keep more updated but FaceBook is so much more fun!
Belen has also been growing up....She is now in gymnastics and is doing great in school! She is a Great Big Sister and Loves Brock so much...If I don't let him have something he runs to Belen to complain and receive comfort.
Hope you are all doing well!