Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is the cutie I get to spend my time with....He is such a good baby!

We went for his check-up drum roll please....

Brock the Rock weighs 15lbs courtesy of Milk of mama mia = 94% percentile in weight
His height is 25 inches= 93.8% percentile height

I thought my arm muscles looked bigger!

He talks to everyone(surprise! wonder where he gets that from?) Loves to check out his environment and generally is a happy baby.

So now you can see why It's hard for me to find time to post pictures. I'll try harder!

Random Pictures

Auntie Mo and cousin Tyler with Brock
My dad with the Kids

Belen lost her first tooth....she was excited but then freaked out when she started to think about the tooth fairy coming into her room and lifting up her pillow and then leaving a dollar. ( she was not interested in the first the T.F left the $ by the door.
She also asked me why a bunny would carry around painted eggs.....I am so bad when caught off guard. I ended up telling her his best friend is a hen and she has extra eggs to get rid of at Easter. I then distracted her from her questing before I blew it or came up with a ludicrous story which I would never remember if then asked by her again.


Derek and Belen went to Sacramento to the railroad museum and old town Sacramento. The rest of the Barney clan went on the train from martinez to Sac and Back. I was recovering from my aliments.

Best Week Ever?

This last week has been crazy....maybe my worst week physically....okay...maybe a 2nd runner up I did have my appendix rupture and was misdiagnosed for a week.

It was spring break....time to clean the garage and get fit! I ended up hurting my knee and then making it worse by attempting a girlie push up.( yes ,I'm out of shape!)

My knee was swollen and then Brock got a horrible cough...then I got something in my eye which caused me to rub it until I made it swollen.....and to top it off I had a fever and now have a horrible cough.

The only bright side is that my dad came down to see Brock for the first time. Belen enjoyed riding in papa Stan's truck and chatting his ear off about her childhood woes.

Brock was also blessed this Sunday which is always a wonderful experience. It makes you realize how lucky we are to have families who love us and support us!

It was fun to have 42 people over to my lil house. It was a good time with great food....thanks to everyone who helped!

Of course we only took 2 pictures (I'm so bummed)! I loved the flowers my sister -in law Robyn arranged for us....the picture doesn't do it justice!

But luckily Belen goes back to school tomorrow and I can recover from our spring break!