Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Summer Vacation

Well, We are Back in one piece from our Marathon Vacation! I have so many post please go to view the older post even though they are new!

We had a great time at all the places we have gone and ended the trip with my Brothers wedding which was so much fun!

We are very tired and worn out! I can't believe how many miles we have traveled like 2800! And how well Belen kept up with us on all our activities....especially when she went on (2) 5 mile bike rides... on a little barbie bike!

We are gonna be low key the next couple of weeks...for sure!




Buchart Gardens

The 4th of July

Yes it is totally legal to shoot off aerial fire works from you back yard...in Washington!
Derek was to eager to light these suckers off!

Sunriver Oregon

Night Before the Wedding

My older Brother Eric gets married!

me and my parents
The new Mr.& Mrs. Eric RumbaughGma Donna & Gpa Wec( they look good for 81 and 85)
Cousin Tyler, Gpa Wec and Auntie Mo
My sister Olena, Belen and Manami
Mike and cousin Carmen
Grandparents w/ walt, patsy(gma D cousin), Eva & ky( they are our cousins from Finland)