Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something funny!

When we went down to So cal to visit everyone and attend baby Tanner's blessing, Kristi( Derek's sister ) arranged for a family photo shoot. I have to give props to anyone who wants to take pictures of us....Half of us squint and the kids are just hard to get to smile all at the same time.

Exhibit A: I'll start with my own kid...Belen has the tortured Brock weighs 50lbs.
Brittney next to her look like she could careless about being there. Kami looks unimpressed with our photographer. Malia is suspicious about what her parents are up to and in the 2nd photo is what she was suspicious about. Blake, Ethan, Brooke and baby Tanner look pretty good in this photos Derek took!
In the 2nd Photo they took away Malia's Binky....Poor girl...Derek caught this priceless picture. Malia is such an independent little lady and such a cutie pie that I felt sorry for her. I love my little niece ...Miss Binky girl!

Disneyland & Club 33

We went to Disneyland and had a great time! We also had an awesome lunch at club 33!!

Belen was tall enough to go on all the rides even the roller coaster the California scream!

Belen's Birthday!

We celebrated all the January and February birthdays at David and Robyn's home. I now have a 6 yr old!

Nana Rita's visit 2

We went to Lake Tahoe the next week and enjoyed some sledding.

Nana Rita Visit Part 1

My Mom came down from Canada to visit us. We went to Santa was 80 degrees.