Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So long to 2008!

I don't know why but I am glad to be over with the holidays! Some how we managed not to take a single photo of our Christmas.....so x-mas 08 will be like it never happened.

I finished working last week....and I'm really bored and apparently Belen is to! She is so ready for the baby to come out and has asked me if today is the day ever day so far. When I told her that I can't make the baby come out she was upset....she even asked Derek when he came home to give me a blessing that will make the baby come out. I hope for her sake he comes out soon! As you can see she has already packed her overnight suit case.....and keeps bring it upstairs and down. Pray for my sanity!

Belen was in her first Holiday play! It was very cute and short! She really knew all the songs very well.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice Thanksgiving with all the Barney Family...we also went to Tilden park to ride the steam train with all the extended family. We also hit all the black Friday 4am sales...it was lots of fun.

My little Pony

Belen and I were able to see 2 Shetland pony's that one of the Dr's I work for has. I think it's every little girls dream to own a pony. Belen got to feed them and walk them around.