Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brock update

BROCK's New STATS.....Just in case BYU football is wondering!

Weight: 20lbs of pure awesomeness
height: 2' 3.75"
Clothing size: 12 m
He is still in the 95% for both....I guess we should lay off the protein shakes....lol..j/k!playing w/ Belen

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let the Party Begin!

All the older kids on the trampoline....injuries did occur but no hospital trips!
Brock enjoyed putting Tanner's foot in his mouth.....must taste good!

Tanner wasn't phased at all by it he was to busy working on the other foot!

Lindsay had a nice Luau themed party for Sean.....yummy food!

Derek getting the kids worked up!

Hip Hip Hooray….Sean graduated!

We went down to Loma Linda for Sean's graduation ceremony....It was so nice to be there and support him and his family. We know it has been a sacrifice for him and Lindsay to get to this point! They have done a great Job!

I ended up missing out on my cousins A.J's graduation.....I'm bummed out...... but I'm sure if I give him large amounts of cash it will make up for it!

When we where returning home we hit a coyote at 70 miles an hour of course it was as we were going up the grape vine...so my poor car is still in so-cal getting fixed!
Sean( Derek's brother) walking by us

Lindsay, Ethan and Sean....Malia was at home with the other kids!

All of the proud siblings awaiting the graduation! We now have a Physician's assistant in the family....!

Brock enjoying the ceremonies!

Disneyland the Most Expensive Place on Earth

Heck ya .....we are on the boat...LOL!

The Back....okay....at least Kristi is smiling!

Electrical Parade

We were so good and got seats early for the parade....I think I was Belen's age the last time I had seen it! I got to hold my nephew Tanner while we waited and Brock slept in Derek's arms.

I got Brooke to ride the swings....she was a little sacred but then had fun!Belen who has been on this ride a few times got a little scared and ended up crying....I had to LoL cuz she has gone on the big roller coaster that does the loop upside down!

Poor Brittany....she had hurt her self and had a black eye from the night before. It's kinda funny to see such a cutie in a princess dress with a black eye!

We tried to see the parade at last minute....the kids later informed me we had a bad spot for seeing the parade!

Kelsey & Corey's Birthday

Belen got a new Haircut....she looks so cute!

My cousins Kelsey and Corey are now big 10 year olds!

Poor Brock....he couldn't play!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Academic Achievement

Last week Belen handed me a paper stating she would receive and award on Monday. My response ...okay, must be for everyone.
Well, I was wrong .....Belen Received an Award for Academic Achievement! Yes, it's kindergartenbut she knows all her words, sounds, letters and has worked really hard on reading. We are so proud of her efforts to work hard on her homework. Rack one up for the ole college app....lol!
Of course as I was sitting there Brock had the biggest blow out in this diaper! I'm glad I brought my light sweater with me to cover up what got on my shirt.

Start Of BBQ Season

Katie, me, my cousin Kelsey and B

Let it begin.....It's the start of BBQ season! We went to 2 BBQ's this weekend! These are pictures I took at my aunt Cindy's house. We had a nice visit and of course Belen had fun playing with my cousin Kelsey.
Brock had his first teething biscuit at church.....Betty gave it to him. Luckily she also had a back up bib. He is now working on two lower teeth.....I hope they break thru soon....poor boy!