Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Trippin

We ended our road trip with a visit to my friend Jenny's house. It was so good to see her and her cute family! We didn't take a picture which I'm so bummed about..... but Belen loved playing with her kids and animals.

We had such a great time on our road trip......but now I have a Hugh mess to clean up and put away. I also have to get Belen ready for seems these days everything is happening so fast. Thanks to everyone who let us crash at there homes or had us over for visits.....we love ya all!Me, Grandma Adele, mom and Brock

Me and Brock visiting my Cousin Carmen and her LIL baby Skylynn

My Brother Eric with us at Grandmas .....he is now retired from the Army after 18 yrs!
We stayed with him and Belen was all over him...she loved how much fun he was! Brock would laugh at everything he said and loved being held by uncle Eric when dad wasn't there.

Brock relaxing with daddy

salamanders the kids found in my dad's pool

Brock enjoyed watching Mitsy

My sis Anna with her nephew Brock in the Dad's R.V

It was actually nice....Oregon coast= no sun = warm

Oregon on my mind

Eric and Carrie at the beach with us in Lincon city, OR

My Dad with Brock, Step Mom Lori and Sophie the dog

Dad carried Brock for me....he loved my pack carrier!

Brock in my dad's newsboy hat

Belen torturing .....oh I mean brushing Mitsy my brother's cat.

I got to visit one of my oldest friends Sheryl...It was so much fun to catch up!

Brock got to touch grass for the first time at the park in Cascade Locks, OR. It was so hot that day.....we ate ice cream for dinner....well almost!

Great Grandpa Wec, Brock and Great Grandma Donna enjoying each other at my Uncle Brad's house.

Canada part deux

Riding the Tram up to view Banff ,Canada

Derek got in trouble for taking this photo..but who's gonna pay 18.95

Hot nice they had a section for kids that was cooler.

Lake Louise Fairmont

We stayed in Kelowna , B.C at a hotel which had this slide....Belen and I had so much fun going down it.

My mom playing with Brock....more like an arm workout!

Great grandma Adele with Belen......she looks great for 87 going on 88 yrs old.

Canadan Ehhh!

We arrived in Canada on Canada Day.....which due to this above picture is Derek's favorite day now!
We hiked these catwalks which where hanging of the was really neat!

Lake Louise......the view from our hotel!

Banff Fairmont hotel

Glacier National Park

Glacier national park...after this picture was taken Derek dropped the camera in we ended up buying a new one in Canada.

We hiked 3 miles uphill in the snow....take that Bear Gryllis....I'd like to see him hike with 2 kids.

Glacier national park is really beautiful and peaceful....the water is so blue.

The Start of our 4450 mile Road Trip

At the Logan zoo with Derek's cousin Shelly and her family

boat ride across Jenny lake

Grand Teton national park

Next it was off to Yellowstone and Ole Faithful.... this picture was from our car when we rolled up to park. we ended up seeing it blow 3 times.