Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Faux Christmas and Tahoe'09

We got the chance to go to Lake Tahoe before we split for Oregon....Originally my brother in- law and his family where to go with us but they all got sick with H1N1, so there loss was the Brown family's gain. We had a good time with them and Donny got the chance to go Snowboarding for the first time with Derek(expert snowboarder)....I can't wait to hit the slopes my self soon!!!

We had our 2ND annual Faux Christmas with Derek's was a very nice time and Dinner was awesome! Belen was so excited to get footed pajamas from her aunt Kristi....I think that is her favorite gift this year!!! Gma Honey ( Derek's mom) made Belen and I cute matching aprons....we have already gotten the chance to use them.

Up on the Roof top

(double click to enlarge photo) We got to spend Christmas this year in Oregon with my family, mostly due to the fact it was the first time Derek could take the week of Christmas off ( there is only one true holiday in international banking...New years day)!

So we started Christmas Eve at my uncle Brad and Auntie Elease's house....which is the best place to start. They always have the yummiest food and fun things to do. Brock enjoyed my cousin Joe and his wife Jinna...we wished we lived near them so they could babysit....ha,ha,ha!

Christmas Day: I got to see Santa Clause at 4 am at my Dad's....I woke up thinking my step moms cat's where tearing packages apart but it was Stanta Clause making coffee and setting up packages. In case u didn't know my dad's name is Stan...haha! The kids enjoyed the 7am wake call and loved spending time with us.

Later Christmas day: We headed to my brother Eric's condo in Gresham for a yummy dinner and more present opening. It was my brothers first Christmas with us, He has spent most of the last couple years overseas with the Army.
We had a fun time on our visit but glad to be back home safe!! On the car ride Brock was enjoying the squawking Christmas rubber chicken we got as a white elephant gift, Whatever keeps the kid busy is okay with me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Been going on??

Viewing the Temple lights in Oakland

Belen holding Star our house guest for the night.

Brock Walking

Doing the Frankenstien walk....