Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to Blogging with a LIL help from my Friend

A picture I found of Brooke(my niece) and Belen when they where just 2...awwww! We celebrated Brooke's 7Th birthday just a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.

Papa Keith(Robyn's dad) and me
Brock and cousin Blake hanging outside....Blake loves babies and loves baby Rock so much!

Girls just want to have fun....Mary bailey, Belen and the birthday girl Brooke

Gma Honey(Derek's mom Holly) with Brock

Brooke and Belen

After Halloween Belen painted our faces for fun.....I was to tired to fuss and it was rather relaxing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogger Breakdown

So I had a major Blog Breakdown....Some how I hit a reset button and well as u can see everything is still how it is from that point on. I haven't had the time to fix it busy chasing Brocky boo around. Also i have enjoyed being on FB (facebook).....I may need a Dr.Phil intervention some day but oh well....where else can I chat with my cousins from Sweden and play Farkel???? Belen had two costumes this year....luckily none that I had to buy. She was a cheerleader at school and a black cat for a Halloween party. She enjoyed the party and spending time with her cousin Brooke.
Ricky Bobby(Derek) and Brock at the Driesdales Halloween Party....Needless to say it was awesome...they even had an exploding pumpkin!
Me at Belen's school function....yes I was the Octo mom Nadia Suleiman! It was a hit...people laughed so hard ....but some guys thought I was Angelina...
Belen carved her own pumpkin this year all by herself no help from me(except for the top)
meow! Belen and her BFF Mac....she loved having Brock and I show up to see her school Halloween parade....oops (PC) harvest fest Parade.