Thursday, January 19, 2012

New blog

I guess I could actually spell my blog correct..bahahaha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's been a long time.....

Getting induced...I didn't take my typical belly shot but this is good enough!
Dr. Cronbach delivering Drake 4lbs 13oz
8 mins later Halle (yes like Halle Berry) 6lbs
The big 2 1/2 yr old Brock holding Halle
After a week in the NICU finally at home.....looks like little dolls on my bed!
At 3wks old we took them to Yosemite.....crazy I know...I'm supposed to be hiding out right!

Weird placement of pic's......I'm to lazy to fix

In S.F at the park

love my Brock....that boy brings pure joy to me

I'm almost back into blogging, facebook took over for a while but now I'M BACK...MAYBE ;]

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, the places we will go....

After 12 airplane flights, a bomb scare at JFK, 2 sick kids(Brock got sick 2hrs into our flight over)2 euro rail train trips and countless metro rides, I feel like writing a book about traveling with kids!
We started in Germany where my mom is from: My cousin's kids Lars, Finn and Jette with Belen at the Wolfsburg soccer camp. Wolfsburg will host the 2011 women's world cup. VW factory is in Wolfsburg, everyone in my mom's family including my grandma has worked for VW.

All of us together..

My cousin Carmen and her husband Matthias, Her brother Matthias(cousin)
and us

Cheering on team Germany

I was so jet lagged this day....I had been running on just 4 hrs sleep most nights.

Belen went to the town festival and had a great time. She was in there local paper as the little girl visitor from America....she would have had a great picture in the paper also but she bowed out of taking it.

Shopping for shoes for Brock

Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Brock was still very sick so he saw most of Berlin like this....

Berlin zoo

I had to give a "Good Ole American smack down with words" to a clerk selling water at the zoo....He was so rude and disrespectful to me....Boy did he regret messing with me! I thought I had forgotten most of my German but apparently Bad words always stick with you ;)

Reichstag building

Brandenburg Tor

Berlin wall

Then we headed off to Denmark....Which I really love and can't wait to go back someday....

Tivoli beautiful and the kids and I loved the rides! It was so amusement park relaxing??? Yes, no lines longer then a few minutes......people were very friendly and the park is so beautiful!

Out our hotel window.....Nyhavn Canal....once home to pirates and prostitutes....arrrrrg!

We then Headed to Finland to visit my dad's side of the family...

My cousin Nina in Finland with her family

My other cousin's the Hoglunds.....we had a great time with them! we got to eat Moose meat(which was very taste and lean)

My cousin Cay with the kiddos!
At Cay and Eva's summer Island house..

The International Lover...

All of us celebrating Midsummer's Eve....The days are 20 hours of daylight with 4 hrs twilight. We never went to bed before 1 am....u just feel like doing anything because of the light.....we loved it....Nina and I went swimming at midnight!

The moon at high as it rises

with Cay and Eva at the summer house.....

Boating.....the only was to get to the summer house!

Then we where off to Spain........Barcelona

It was hot and humid...

We had a great time in Spain....We went to a water park in Vila seca and visted some of Derek's friends there. We also headed to Valencia and then Madrid.