Friday, September 16, 2011

It's been a long time.....

Getting induced...I didn't take my typical belly shot but this is good enough!
Dr. Cronbach delivering Drake 4lbs 13oz
8 mins later Halle (yes like Halle Berry) 6lbs
The big 2 1/2 yr old Brock holding Halle
After a week in the NICU finally at home.....looks like little dolls on my bed!
At 3wks old we took them to Yosemite.....crazy I know...I'm supposed to be hiding out right!

Weird placement of pic's......I'm to lazy to fix

In S.F at the park

love my Brock....that boy brings pure joy to me

I'm almost back into blogging, facebook took over for a while but now I'M BACK...MAYBE ;]


Bradley and Jackie said...

congrats on the babies!!

Jenni said...

Is Belen wearing a baby bjorn!? That is awesome. You guys are so adventurous. That makes me feel totally justified to go to church 3 days after giving birth if you are riding a bike through Yosemite with 3 week old twins!! Go Mama! I wish I was as travelicious as you.

Derek,Karri, Belen and Brock said...

Yep !People thought it was a!